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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  August 24, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> there you go. take that, marco rubio. that's all for today. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." cameras are rolling all day every day. you'd be surprised what they catch. unlikely thieves. >> let it go, let it go, let it go! >> heroic bystanders and downright brazen criminals. >> i just don't understand what kind of person it takes to be able to steal from the boy scouts. >> a man chases a woman into a building, smashing his pickup through the doors. >> it was like, oh, my god. >> this guy drops in unannounced. >> i never expect all this mess. it was destroyed. >> and a strip mall casino robbery is foiled when a
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security guard breaks free and opens fire. >> i heard one distinctive pop and then three more following it and i knew it was a firearm being shot off. >> it's hard to get away with anything when the footage tells it all. "caught on camera: in the act." a burglar breaks into an electronics store through the ceiling. >> i don't know how this guy fit through there. >> a daring entrance, but after the thief discovers he's trapped inside the store, he makes his exit equally dramatic. january 2012, ft. lauderdale, florida, game time electronics is closed for the night and the security cameras are rolling. it's a necessary precaution for
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the store owner who's trying to protect his business. he's had break-ins before but he never expected a burglary like this. >> i don't know how this guy fit through there but he managed to go right through the vents. he landed hard on the floor. you can definitely tell he hit his ribs with a chair or a table. right after he's down there, the guy's just looking around, starts opening drawers. >> the burglar is only 15 years old. immediately he finds a loaded gun. >> he takes a clip out and starts playing around with it. >> he fires a shot. then, gun in hand, he attempts to escape but dropping in proves much easier than climbing back out. a few minutes later, he grabs a couple of iphones from the counter and tries again. >> he finds himself trapped and he's trying to crawl back out. he looks like a cat trying to get out of a cage. >> after four shaky attempts, he tries a new approach, dragging a book shelf towards the hole in the ceiling.
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>> he pulls himself so he can make it up there but it's not high enough. >> the rear office of the store is now trashed. after trying the book shelf twice, he begins to realize this might not be the way out. fortunately for him, he's not working alone. his partner is on the roof keeping a lookout which buys him some time. >> the friend is yelling from up there, trying to help but he can't. >> reporter: the hurricane shutters covering the door are securely locked from the outside, blocking the burglar's escape. a motion detector signals the alarm and the police arrive. now he faces a real possibility of getting caught. the thief stashes the stolen merchandise under the counter and waits. >> police officer comes in, he opens the shutters from the outside. they took a peak inside and didn't find anything. that's when the guy was hiding back there. >> after a few tense moments, the burglar gets a break. the officer can see into the store, which is undamaged, but according to police, the door is locked and he cannot investigate further.
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so the officer is unaware that the back room is ransacked. >> then came the light for him. the police stated that they had a note they hung on the door, stating that everything seemed fine. >> thinking he locked the hurricane shutters, the officer returns to his car. however, the teen not only unlocks the front door, he is now able to open the shutters and crawl out of the store. >> and that's when this guy is like, i'm home-free. the guy crawls all the way to the corner. >> the thieves get away, but they are not done yet. >> they wait about 20 to 30 minutes. that's when these guys start walking back. >> the kids return to the store. this time, they come right in through the front door. >> they take a look around, there's nobody here, let's go back for more. and that's when they come in here, go in the showcases, start cleaning everything out. we're talking iphones, ipods, psps, expensive stuff. one of them makes it in the
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back. that's when he starts grabbing laptops and leaves out of here. that's when they made off with all the merchandise. >> the next morning when he arrives to work, caro can barely fathom what has happened or how it happened. >> i thought of everything. i thought of broken glass, broken door, a truck pulling on the whole frame of the store. anything but the ac vent being broken into. when i walked back there, i was shocked. i never expected all this mess. it was destroyed. there was electronics everywhere, broken laptops. i'm not too happy about it, the whole thing. you work hard every day, seven days a week, to come to this kind of destruction in your store. a lot of money lost. >> despite the extensive damage to the store and the stolen merchandise, caro has one thing to be grateful for. >> if the police officer never opened the shutters, this guy would have confronted me with my own gun. the guy would have shot me. >> this is not the first time this store has been robbed and not the first time by these burglars.
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that incident is also "caught on camera." >> 12:00 at night these kids were at my front door, breaking glass, grabbing merchandise out of my store. you can clearly see their faces. i even recognized them when i saw the second video. i'm like, wait a minute. this guy looks like the first guy. you put two and two together, there you have it, the same kid. >> and like the second time, the burglars target the same kind of merchandise. >> he starts throwing ipods, laptops, cell phones, everything on the floor. he took it all. the first time they came in here, nobody ever did anything. i never got a phone call from the police. i said, this time i'm going to put them on the news. somebody's got to recognize these guys. >> the security footage runs on the local news. one of the burglars is recognized and turned in the very next day by his own mother. that's not all she does. she even comes into the store. >> yeah, that was quite surprising. i hear a lady up here yelling, i need to see the manager right away.
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so i come out and i start talking to her. she handed a laptop over to me and said, this is all i can find at the moment but i'm going to try to get you more merchandise. i understood everything she said as a mother -- i am a parent myself. but she comes in and starts explaining to me that her son is a really good kid, that he just ended up with the wrong people. how good of a kid is he when he's in here breaking in my store and taking all of my merchandise. >> police eventually recover most of what was stolen and taken into evidence. but one thing that is still missing leaves caro uneasy. >> he found my gun which i never leave here. but that night i had to get out of the store quick. i left it behind. my gun was never recovered from the incident. i hate to know that my gun is out there and i hate to know that i could be robbed with my own gun. how safe can you feel if you know your gun is out there with kids who are 15 years old. >> the other teen is also caught. both are charged with armed burglary and grand theft.
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police say they're working their way through the florida juvenile court system but their status remains sealed because they're minors. luis caro moves forward with a new approach to keeping his business safe but he is keeping it a secret. >> they are going to come back. i know they're going to come back. if they do, i hope they don't have my gun with them. it would be something ugly, something i don't want to see. if they ever think about breaking through the roof again, i'm ready for them. i have a small surprise. that's all i can say. coming up, a man tries to use his pickup truck as a lethal weapon. >> i never think like i'm going to see the truck in my store, you know. it was like, oh, my god. >> and after a stunning escape, shoplifting is the least of this mother's problems when "caught on camera: in the act" continues.
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a truck crashes through a gas station convenience store injuring the store owner. it turns out this is no accident. december 2011, columbia, tennessee. in a desperate attempt to escape an angry man in a pickup truck, a woman runs into a convenience store but the store is no refuge. the man drives right through the glass doors destroying everything in his path. he misses the woman but store owner cannot get out of the way in time. >> translator: when i saw the truck coming towards me, i tried to run but it happened too fast. it hit me by the coin machine and i fell backwards. i was so scared. i thought i was going to die. >> miraculously, after being thrown across the store, patel gets up and hurries away.
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>> translator: my wife helped me up. i didn't hear it when i walked in there but when i came out, i was hurting here and here. after that, i don't remember anything. >> meanwhile, lakisha dansby, the woman who was chased into the store, hides behind the display, fearful that she will be found. but instead of looking for her, the driver, eric whitaker, casually walks out of the store as if nothing has happened. as he leaves, wit car masses andrea, a nurse running into the store to see if the driver needs medical attention. she is on the phone with 911 and has no idea that whitaker is the driver. >> is everybody okay? >> ma'am, what store? >> i'm not sure. i think it's an exxon station. >> but the only help whitaker wants is a getaway car. he immediately gets in the first car he finds, a green dodge
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durango, belonging to kreisel, who is still on the phone with 911 as he tries to make his getaway. >> oh, my god. please. he just stole my truck and hit somebody. >> that's right. in whitaker's desperate attempt to escape, the moment he pulls out of the parking lot, he crashes head-on into an oncoming bread truck. a few minutes later, the store owner's son is shocked by the scene he finds when he arrives to work. >> i never think i'm going to see the truck in my store, you know. it was like, oh, my god. when i came into the store, i've seen all the mess and i've seen my dad sitting on the chair like in front of the coin machine. i asked him, are you all right? he was not saying anything because he had like three broken ribs and some bruises on the face and all that. he was bleeding from the face.
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>> he recovers from his injuries but returns to work full time within a couple of months. >> translator: i am thankful to god that i am alive. >> i'm glad he was alive because we can build a new store but we can't build a new father, you know. >> despite extensive damage, soon after the incident the store is back in business. >> it took almost 21 days to rebuild the store. we still have a lost our old customers. they are coming back and we are running the business as good as we were. >> after surviving two major collisions in the span of just a few minutes, eric whitaker is arrested. he's later found guilty of attempted first degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and theft. according to police, dansby and whitaker had been on one or two dates prior to this incident.
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lakisha dansby has not returned our request for comment. as for kreisel, her car is totaled. >> so i'm just out a car. it's okay, though. it's a small price to pay really, just to know that everybody is okay. nobody lost their life, you know. >> from a brash crash in tennessee to a shocking shoplifting case in arizona. may 2011, chandler, arizona, security cameras are rolling at walmart when police say this woman, nikki paige roundsevil is being stopped by walmart's loss prevention staff and accused of shoplifting. at first glance, she appears to go along with the security officers. she picks up her child from the cart and appears to go in the
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right direction but then makes a run for the doors. a security guard tries to block her escape. that's when she raises her child as a shield and rams into him. she narrowly squeezes by the guard but in the process her child's head slams the edge of the metal door frame. the cameras continue to capture her reckless behavior, as she runs to her car, parked in the nearest handicapped spot. police say, she probably planned the theft ahead of time and parked there to make a faster getaway. in her haste to leave, she tosses her child in the front seat with no safety restraint and immediately backs out of the spot, directly into another shopper's vehicle. but that doesn't stop her either. she flees the scene of the crime. it seems like she's gotten away until three weeks later, when police track her down.
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according to the police report, among other items security guards witnessed her trying to steal at walmart, mother's day cards. but the shoplifting is the least of her issues. she pleads guilty to one count of child abuse, a class 6 felony. after spending three months in jail, she receives ten years of supervised probation. the shoplifting and criminal damage charges from the parking lot collision are dropped. coming up -- >> 911. >> the casino. hurry up. >> a strip mall casino shootout. and an unusual defense towards a stickup. >> i never think that i was going to have to defend myself. >> when "caught on camera: in the act" continues.
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two armed men burst into a strip mall casino to steal cash. >> i heard one distinctive pop and i knew it was a firearm being shot off. >> but a security guard foils their plan.
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april 2011 after midnight in apopka, florida. security cameras capture two masked men with guns heading into the allied veteran 67 internet center while their getaway driving watches lookout. people aren't surfing the web or checking e-mail here. they are gambling. >> 10, 15 grand can walk out of people's hands. there is a lot of elderly people that carry a lot of money. which, basically, to a criminal, it's a mass of people that is easy target. >> but in this case, the place is not such an easy target. immediately one of the men puts a gun to the head of the security guard but he breaks free and draws his weapon. according to the police report, the man on the right, just out of the security camera's viewing range, fires his weapon before running towards the exit. as they flee to the getaway car empty handed, the guard fires back and hits one of the men.
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the severely injured man crawls to the vehicle as gunfire is exchanged. patrons frantically dial 911. >> 911. >> the casino. hurry up. hurry up. it's a holdup. we're in the bathroom. >> ma'am? >> a few doors down at this sports bar, john laska is finishing up his shift as a cook when he hears the shots. >> i heard one distinctive pop and then three more following it and i knew it was a firearm being shot off. >> laska looks out from the door of the restaurant to see what the commotion is. >> i saw the car pull away. i didn't know if those were the ones shooting or what the deal was. i made sure to note the car, what color it was, how many doors it had, and that's the description i was able to give the police. >> although it's a dangerous situation, laska wants to do everything he can to help. licensed to carry a concealed weapon, he goes to his car to get his gun and then runs to the crime scene.
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by the time laska arrives, the armed men are gone. >> police came on scene and cordoned off the area. at that point their investigation took over. >> later that night, the man shot by the guard is found in a hotel parking lot five miles away. he dies of his wounds at a local hospital. with the help of laska's description, the abandoned car is found here the home of one of the suspects. the other two men are soon caught and charged with several crimes, including second degree felony murder with a firearm. the second man pleaded no contest to several charges. the security guard is not charged with any wrongdoing. >> i can't say that i could have altered the situation in any way other than the fact that i was able to give a description of the car. in no way was i trying to be a vigilante. i was just trying to aid someone i felt was hurt. when the homicide detective told me i did a good job, that's pretty much what i cared about. >> the strip mall casino was well protected.
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but can an unarmed store owner stop a robbery in progress? january 2006, grand rapids, michigan. it's a normal day at the bakery and grocery until gerald lamb approaches a cashier and demands that she empty her register. he indicates that he has a weapon in his pocket and she does what he says. at the next register, a calm cashier surveys the situation and casually hits the silent alarm button to alert the police. meanwhile, store owner miguel perez is working in his upstairs office. >> i was doing some papers and my wife went upstairs, she was scared, because she saw when this guy came in, i approached the window, the little window i have in my office.
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>> the first to run in a few -- walking out of the toilet returning to open fire. this fellow citizen in order to dissolve him, in order to stop him, even sounded the alarm. he doesn't want his name to be made public, which i understand, but i wanted to pay tribute to him, at the same time, the terrorist had already moved through carriage number 12 and had already opened fire.
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he injured mark, who i referring to early, the french-american citizen who is still in hospital. and who also act ed because he also intervened. it's at this point in time that he intervened, throwing yourself on the attacker who was trying to use his weapon. then you were the first one to jump in upon him, and you, alexander, helped take away his machine gun. he levelled him the first time, and then grabbed the handgun, which you took away from him, and then a box cutter in which he injured spencer, out of the lands, and then you controlled
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him, thanks to you, and christoph christopher. you managed to tie him up with another passenger, a train conductor who was on the train, but on holiday traveling back home, who also took the fast action. then there was the train, the train inspector who sounded the alarm and made sure that the forces could get started and intervene as much as necessary. spencer, even though you were injured, you provided first aid and you probably saved his life. life of the french-american citizen. once the alarm was sounded, the train was diverted to the train
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station when the terrorist was arrested and more easy to do so given you had controlled him. taken to hospital, they were treated, very efficient in their professional manner which honors the workers. the four men who stood up together against one, not just to save their own lives, but to also save other lives to support others because on board this train, on board this train, there were more than 500 passengers. knowing that you were holding some 300 ammunitions as well as weapons, which could have very easily imagine what was prevented, a bloodshed. in the name of france, i would like to thank you for what
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you've done. the world admires your bravery, your self-control, your responsibility in which you acted. they are hand and the fact you intervened bare handed, you controlled a man who had many weapons and was determined. your bravery should be an example for all of us and inspire. we are dealing with terrorism, evil, but there is humanities, and this is what you embody. yesterday, after the seminar very accurately what happened on board this train, you said the lesson are in times of crisis
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like that, people should understand that we must do something. indeed, there's always something to do. we must do something against attacks. even when they seem to be barbaric, huge, yes, there is something to be done. first, the parties in france, in europe, to take the necessary measures, including for training. it will be done. there's a number of meetings held with the minister of interi interior, and together with the representatives of transport. we'll take necessary measures, but beyond the measures we need to remain individual, and what
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men and women can do individually in some circumstances. you shows us that against the -- we have the path to react, and you taught us the lesson of courage, of will, and of therefore, hope. thank you, al exander, and you saved those passenger, many passengers, far away from home, far away from where you fought. you did act as members of the army, but as so responsible men. you put your life at risk in order to defend the idea of freedom, and here, i would like to introduce all around the world we are allies against
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terrorism. you are honored, went out alone. they were not trained. they were not experienced in weaponry. they probably had never seen a weapon, but nonetheless, these one way or another, they fought against terrorism. we mugs not give up. we must not fear. we must stand up. this is the way we will win. we will never be weak as long as we stand united. we will never be weak as long as there will be men and women brave who are ready to put their lives at risk.
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on friday, they came from all countries. united kingdom, france, united states, and they came together as a community for the best to prevent the worst, and, today, alexander, spencer, the french republic would like to thank you, which we'll do the same very soon through our own fellow citizens who also acted very bravely. as i said, i have in mind, still in hospital, and he is both french and american citizen as an english teacher. i also have in mind many are wondering how quickly we could honor you, but also it's
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absolutely necessary to award you the highest award, the highest award, the legion of honor to express, to show you how much we owe you. i didn't want you to go back home without receiving the legion of honor, a symbol of your bravery and also an amazing sign of humanity around 6:30 on france on the train in order to save those on the train. mankind. thank you. [ applause ] >> alexander, in the name of the french assembly, i'm awarding
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you the legion of honor. you're being made of value of the government. [ applause ] [ applause ] [ speaking in french ] [ applause ]
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[ applause ] all right, there you have it. what a wonderful shot here as we are watching all of these four men receive france's highest honor for the heroic actions, the prestigious legion of honor during this ceremony. so many sometitimes we hear the stories of plots to kill and not thwarted, but for once, another
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situation where three men, american men, sprung into action, simply on vacation through europe, vacationers that turned into heros because of quick action, not only awarded here today, but president obama spoke with them over the weekend as well to thank them for their courage, and i think a lot of people owe a lot of debt to these men for what they did on that train. i want to bring in nbc news's claudia who is nearby. claudia, this is really a wonderful moment for all involve because this story could have ended very differently. >> reporter: well, this is be y betty, a wonderful and rare moment, i mean, the legion of honor here in france is being given to not too many people, not many french, let alone foreign nationals. it is given to french in any trade, of course, and less to foreign nationals, unless, they are, of course, a protagonist in a exceptional circumstance, and
12:41 am
what kind of an exceptional circumstance is, as the president just said in the press conference, he -- with their action, their gut instinct, they managed to prevent what the president said could have been a blood bath, a carnage, and, of course, considering there were more than 500 people on that train and with the number of weapons that this man was carrying, and that probably is true, so there you have it. three friends on holiday in europe are heros in france. >> there's a great deal of pride, and what are people saying on the streets of paris and france in general in light of what happened? >> reporter: well, the french love the story. they thanked -- there were loads of twitter messages thanking the americans, even the french were calling for the americans to receive the french legion of
12:42 am
honor, of course, but it seems like that this day that it's cool to be american here in france, and it's not been like that lately as you know. >> tell us what you know about the suspect. >> reporter: well, we know that ayuob el khazzani spent time in france, then to belgium. he was known to not one, but three intelligence agencies in france, belgium, and spain, and in france and spain, even word in france about his presence here in territory when he moved to france, but this, of course, has raised many questions about the efficiency of the intelligence agencies and even of the communication of the agencies because this guy was known to all of them, and, yet, would move around freely and carry a bag full of rifles,
12:43 am
handguns, and knives. >> yeah, a very scary thought what he was all capable of doing on that train. lucky though, claudia, the men were there able to thwart this. we appreciate you joining us live, a wonderful moment seeing americans receive france's highest honor, heroic actions displayed there, and got the legion of honor in the ceremony. i know the lot of people, especially here in the u.s., are proud of the three men and courageous actions. you've been watching msnbc. >> this is the same deja vu all over december for more than 50 years. but in 2009, a woman driving a dodge durango pulls into the lot late one night and makes off with a tree.
12:44 am
at first when the tree is discovered missing, the scout master, nick coble, assumes there's a logical explanation. >> we have a courtesy cash where someone can take the tree and pay for it and we'll check that. if there's no money in that, then we watch the surveillance videos and that's when we found this. i just couldn't believe that anyone would steal from the boy scouts. >> 2009 is the year they decide to set up surveillance cameras at the lot. >> we lose trees occasionally but we didn't really put the video surveillance in for the catching trees. we put our tree lot security system in for safety of the people working the lot. we decided to let the security run around the clock. >> using the tape as a learning tool, the scout leaders take measures to prevent another loss the following year. >> on the second year we changed the locations, some of the cameras. hopefully to get a better angle. maybe a license plate or a better view of their face.
12:45 am
>> when they notice another tree is missing, they check the security video again and the results are stunning. >> holy cow. can this be the same lady? the car is a distinctive red dodge durango. the right fender appears to have been painted. >> we had to go back and watch back to back to even believe it's the same person. >> while the they have is caught on camera, the license plate is just out of view. she is not identifiable. when 2011 rolls around, the scouts wonder if she will come back a third time. despite her track record, they are still shocked when she returns. >> the first one is bad enough, the second is unbelievable. by the third year, i really -- i just don't understand what kind of person it takes to be able to steal from the boy scouts on church property during christmas. >> not only does the thief return to the scene for a third straight year, she comes back emboldened.
12:46 am
>> what surprised us that year, they got two trees. they were 13 minutes apart. >> we know she lives close. there's a definite possibility she's been doing this for a long time. >> if she needed a tree that bad, let us know, we might be able to work something out. >> while it may be a relatively minor crime, losing trees to theft has a major impact on the scouts. >> this fund-raiser does everything for this troop. summer camp is one of our most expensive activities. hopefully she's seen something on television. i do expect to see her the next year. >> because the investigation is ongoing, police will not release any information related to the case. the lot does not re-open for the 2013 holiday season. it says on the troop website that tree theft, lack of staff and poor sales forced them to close.
12:47 am
the holidays can bring out the worst in people. from a christmas tree thief stealing from the boy scouts to people taking decorations from someone's yard. december 2011, sweetwater, florida, two weeks before christmas. this home has the holiday spirit but these thieves don't. at first, this homeowner is amused when she sees her surveillance video. >> translator: it's incredible how something like this could happen. >> omar sanchez finds it funny when he sees the video. >> in my head i was laughing because i was in disbelief. >> but the humor fades when reality sets in. >> our house was getting robbed and that's not very common in this neighborhood. >> but even more than that, it occurs to ingrid and her family that these yard decorations are worth more than money.
12:48 am
>> my dad passed away about three years ago and he really helped us with the decorations. >> translator: it was very sad. they were a way for us to remember him. we always put out his favorite holiday decorations. my god, how can people be so heartless to take away the joy and smiles of children who have lost their father. >> but it's not the videotape that helps catch the robbers. the very next day ingrid discovers decorations in the yards of two neighbors less than ten minutes from her house. >> translator: i never thought it would be so quick to find them. i never imagined it could be my neighbors. >> after ingrid files a police report, news cameras arrive at the home of one of the thieves and the women are charged with grand theft. one of them pleads guilty and is sentenced to one year probation.
12:49 am
the other enters into a deferred prosecution program for first-time nonviolent offenders. but things are not over yet. >> the lady came back like a week later and she started knocking on the window and doors and she started roaming the entire house. she looked like she wanted to fight or something. my mom, she immediately called the police. the police arrived. the lady apparently told the police officer that she just came by to apologize. she's sorry about having stolen the decorations but the police said that there was nothing that she had to say to us anymore. they stole it, even though they may be sorry they did it. >> the incident hasn't hampered their christmas spirit but it's made them more cautious. >> translator: this year, the cameras will be recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. >> this christmas, i'm really going to be thinking about this event that happened to us. they already saw the cameras. i'm not worried that they are going to steal from us this year again. coming up -- security
12:50 am
cameras catch a shopping spree that puts an end to one man's streak. and when this guy wants the lawn mower, just let him have it. >> a big croc is a territorial animal. his reaction was to kill the mower. when "caught on camera: caught in the act" continues.
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it's an age old battle, lawn mower versus 1,100 pound crocodile. this time, the mower loses. >> a big croc like this, a territorial animal, him getting this mower, he won. >> december 2011 at the australian reptile park in australia, handlers are inside elvis the crocodile's enclosure doing routine lawn maintenance when the 50-year-old reptile bites the front of the mower. >> let it go, let it go, let it go! >> and does not let go.
12:54 am
operations manager tim faulkner has worked with this crocodile at the park since 2007. >> elvis has given me a hard time on a number of occasions. to a crocodile, the rumble of that mower, it's something that just turns them on. they have all of these sensitive receptors around their jaw, good hearing, eyesight. that rumble of the mower can trigger him. >> it triggers him all right. like the real elvis, this croc is interested in a little less conversation and a lot more action. >> a wheel got caught at the base of that tree which gave elvis that split second to grab it. and i went this way to about here and then started to come across, very slowly, happens a lot slower than you think. i said, let it go, let it go. the croc took the mower into the water. >> after wrestling the lawn
12:55 am
mower away from the handler, elvis guards it. faulkner knows no man can match the strength of this 16-foot long beast. >> you have to pay credit to his strength. he lifted this mower up, and he just turns around. >> elvis doesn't take the mower because he's hungry. his motivation is slightly more egotistical. >> elvis' reaction to the mower is purely that of a territorial response. he doesn't want it for food. it's something that's in his yard. that mower is making a rumble. it can stimulate a territorial response from a crocodile. so his reaction was to kill the mower. >> elvis continues to stand guard over the mower and his pond leaving faulkner and the other handlers figuring out how to get it back. >> the mower ended up right in the deep spot within his pool. after that, he proceeded to defend and guard his prey, his catch, what he's got there and
12:56 am
show it off. >> in addition to the mower, faulkner also has to retrieve three-inch long teeth that elvis has lost during his display of power. >> he continually loses his teeth. they are very different from humans, they continuously grow. the reason we pull them out, they are enormous teeth and not something we want to get caught up in the bottom of their pool. >> the plan to remove the mower and the teeth is is simple. the other two handlers try to lure elvis away from the mower with kangaroo meat. >> it took us some time to lure him away to get the mower out. the pool that elvis lives in is the shape of a horseshoe. now, we lured elvis around to the other side of the pool at which point i was able to grab the mower and bring it out safely. i wasn't too concerned. i have good faith in the coopers around there, their ability to keep the crocodile's attention.
12:57 am
>> the old mower doesn't survive the attack but soon after a brand new one is donated to the park. >> it's so many times better than our old mower. in a place like this, we mow from kangaroo yards and other areas and it gets smashed up pretty quickly. >> as far as this reptile park is concerned, elvis is still the king. fortunately since the mower attack, he's been on his best behavior, calling a truce with the lawn equipment. as for faulkner, he does his part to keep the fragile peace. >> we always treat elvis with a huge amount of respect. that's what they demand. when you're dealing with something like a crocodile, self-preservation comes into effect as well. it was something out of the normal that elvis got the mower. we're very used to him defending his territory. that's what he was doing. generally we're able to read him and get out of the way. in this particular case, young
12:58 am
billy is the one he took the mower from, the mower got between him and the croc, thankfully it was the mower instead of billy. >> from a crocodile who bares his teeth to a man who bares, well, everything. a guy walks into a walmart waring nothing but this blurred circle. security cameras inside the store catch what looks like his plan to cover up but he's not too modest. the only thing he steals is a pair of socks to cover his feet. february 2012, exton, pennsylvania, it's looking like another uneventful day at walmart until a man standing in the middle of the parking lot begins to remove his clothing. he first strips off his jacket and then his sweater followed by his t-shirt, pants, shoes, underwear, and finally his socks. he calmly walks through the parking lot and enters the
12:59 am
store. once inside, police say security cameras showed the man at the customer service desk where he picks up a pair of socks from the counter and puts them on his feet. patrons tried to mind their own business as the man walks around the store. but at 6'4" and nearly 300 pounds, and let's not forget, completely naked, he is difficult to ignore. when the police arrive, the bare-skinned bandit is arrested. charges against the man include simple assault, retail theft, and, of course, indecent exposure. he tests positive for drugs. you may have seen the signs, no shirt, no shoes, no service. to most people, pants and underwear go without saying.
1:00 am
this sunday, two huge stories upend iing the campaign. for the republicans, accepting the fact that donald trump is here to stay. >> let's assume that somebody else becomes president, wouldn't that be horrifying? and how do the opponents now deal with the juggernaut. for the democrats, it is the hillary's e-mails. >> nobody talks to me about it other than you guys. >> it adds fuel to the biden fire, and did the vice president just tease the 2016 dream ticket by meeting we liz beth warren, and plus trump on hillary. >> and in her rein, look at what


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